Group on Interactive Coding of Images
Group on Interactive Coding of Images (GICI) Department of Information and Communications Engineering (DEIC) Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

We are the Group on Interactive Coding of Images (GICI), a formal group of researchers from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) dedicated to study image coding techniques, with a particular interest on satellite image coding. Our group has a solid track record of successful research projects and relevant scientific publications. Within our research tasks we have developed several tools reproducing and improving state-of-art methods for image compression, e. g., we have created an implementation of JPEG2000 or and implementation of the CCSDS-122 recommendation for lossy 2D image coding. Both JPEG and CCSDS are standardization groups, the former is group of experts in image compression, while the latter is a consortium of the leading space agencies dedicated to standardize space-related technologies.

We often release our implementations and experimental tools as open-source, so that other research groups can reproduce our results and so that our technical advances are adopted by the community. In this regard, we have developed an implementation of the CCSDS-123 standard for on-board lossless image coding of multi- and hyperspectral data (i.e., a system that exploits the redundancy between the spectral bands of a multi- or hyperspectral sensor). We call our implementation Emporda, following the tradition of naming coding software after natural parks. The aim of Emporda is to provide a research implementation that can be useful as a reference, in order to study how the algorithm work, to make a new implementations (e.g., hardware ones), or to document the performance the future Recommended Standard can achieve.

All right, but why is this interesting?

Emporda is an implementation of a multi/hyperspectral image coding standard designed to be capable of operating on board a spacecraft taking into account all the constraints that this implies. This poses new challenges in relation to traditional image compression algorithms due to the following two facts:

More evidence of the significance of this might be the OBPDC conference organized by ESA/CNES and dedicated to the subject of on-board payload data compression.

SOCIS 2011

Emporda development has been partially financed by the SOCIS 2011 program of the Advanced Concepts Team of the European Space Agency. Selected student has been Konstantin Mamalakis from the University of Patras (Greece), who has contributed the Block-Adaptive Entropy Coder of Emporda and a band-reordering preprocessor.

Emporda software (a CCSDS-123 implementation)
arrowEMPORDA SOFTWARE 1.1 All the source code, compiled jar files and manuals. TAR GZIP (304KB)
arrowComplete Manual Documentation. PDF (127KB)