Group on Interactive
Coding of Images
Join the GICI group

The GICI group is open to researchers, (future) Ph.D. students and also undergraduate students.

Researchers and Postdocs

GICI is pleased to collaborate with national and international research groups and also with companies focused on still image compression or related aims.

If you are interested in our research or would like to share your ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us

Your Ph.D. with us

Do you want to do Ph.D. in the area of image and video compression and transmission? Then GICI welcomes you!

To inspire you, a list of finished and under development Master and Ph.D. theses, and also the current Ph.D. students of the group are available. Some forms of financial support for graduate students may be available.

Interested? Contact us!

Final degree projects

Did you know that you can do your final degree project at the GICI group?

GICI members act as tutors in several undergraduate degree projects directly related to our research. The students dive into the most recent compression techniques, and produce developments that can be incorporated in our research.

Do you want to do your final project with us? Contact us