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Coding of Images
Public datasets

Here you can find public datasets employed by the GICI group in their research on image and video coding and transmission.

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Hyperion test set 
arrowHyperion (L1) test scenes (raw) Hyperion (L1) 242-band cropped scenes from multiple locations around the world. ZIP (828MB)
AVIRIS test set 
arrowAVIRIS calibrated (L1) test scenes (raw) AVIRIS calibrated (L1) 224-band cropped scenes from multiple flights across North America. ZIP (1.5GB)
mblbcs2022 models 
arrowPre-trained models mblbcs2022 Neural-network compression models from the mblbcs2022 contribution for AVIRIS and Hyperion data compression. See for more details. ZIP (3.1GB)
Astronomical Dataset 
arrowInteger astronomical data (raw) Integer (L0) astronomical data from several observatories. ZIP (1.4GB)